Sorts of Hair Loss


Your scalp, on a median, has roughly 1,00,000 hairs. For those who’re dropping round 50 to 100 strands on daily basis, it’s pure. However, when you’re seeing a rise in hair fall, it’s time to seek out out what’s inflicting it. There are round 40 various kinds of hair loss. On this article, we have a look at the widespread kinds of hair loss and hair loss causes.

Alopecia areata (patchy hair loss)

Alopecia refers to a kind of hair loss the place your hair follicles are attacked by the physique’s immune system. Often known as spot baldness, alopecia areata is an autoimmune illness that often begins with a number of round patches on the scalp.

It’s an unpredictable sickness the place the hair follicles change into small and doesn’t develop hair above the pores and skin floor. It often begins with a number of strands of hair falling out, steadily ensuing into complete spherical and easy hairless patch on the scalp. Other than the scalp, an individual may lose hair from different components of the physique as properly.

The situation can have an effect on younger and previous alike and might start with none warning.


Research have proven that individuals with a household historical past of alopecia areata endure from this situation. Different hair loss causes embody stress, any auto-immune illness and sort 1 diabetes.

Telogen Effluvium

Your regular hair development cycle lasts for two to six years. Throughout this section, your hair stays within the development stage – often known as anagen. Telogen effluvium happens when the hair follicles enter the resting interval of the expansion cycle – often known as telogen – and, thereafter, shed. One of these hair loss doesn’t result in full baldness, however you will notice lack of round 300 to 500 hairs.


Extreme stress is among the main hair loss causes. This aside, different hair loss causes embody any persistent sickness, main weight reduction or weight achieve and postpartum hair loss.

Anagen Effluvium

Amongst all of the kinds of hair loss, this sort means speedy lack of hair in giant numbers. Anagen effluvium begins straight from the primary stage of the hair’s development cycle.

What causes anagen effluvium?

The foremost reason behind anagen effluvium is chemotherapy or unwanted effects of any radiation given to most cancers sufferers.


It’s a psychological dysfunction that entails recurrent, irresistible urge to drag out hair out of your scalp, eyebrows or different areas of your physique, regardless of attempting to cease. It may be witnessed amongst infants, however the peak age at which it typically begins is from the age of 9-13 years.


Trichotillomania is usually triggered by melancholy, stress, anxiousness and trauma, adopted by a way of aid after you pull your hair.

Androgenetic Alopecia

That is the most typical kind of hair loss affecting each women and men, however males are extra vulnerable. It solely impacts the hair on prime of the scalp. Androgenetic alopecia is classed as –

Male-pattern baldness: It impacts round 70% males with hair loss starting any time. Males expertise progressive hair loss at their temples and vertex, and plenty of finally change into bald.

Feminine-pattern baldness: It refers back to the thinning of hair as a consequence of discount within the quantity or immense hair shedding. This largely happens in ladies throughout put up menopause, when the extent of hormones retains fluctuating. The hair follicles shrink down, additional resulting in shorter and thinner hair. The follicle is unable to regrow new hair, which results in baldness.

Causes of androgenetic alopecia
A hormone referred to as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is believed to be the primary reason behind one of these hair loss in males. This hormone is genetically inherited; nevertheless, environmental elements also can decelerate hair development. In ladies, the causes embody hormonal adjustments, genetics, irregular durations, stress, anaemia, protein deficiency, persistent zits, PCOD, ageing and deficiency of iron and vitamin B.

Tinea Capitis

Often known as ringworm of the hair or ringworm of the scalp, tinea capitis is a fungal an infection of the scalp that’s widespread in kids. The affected pores and skin on the scalp could be itchy, scaly and infected. It’s much less often seen in adults.


Fungi referred to as dermatophytes causes tinea capitis. This fungus wants heat and moisture and they also survive on sweaty pores and skin. Pets also can unfold ringworm.

Traction Alopecia

For those who often tie tight ponytails, buns or braids, you’ll be able to endure from one of these hair loss. These hairstyles pull you hair away from the scalp with such drive that your hair is broken. Traction alopecia can result in thinning of hair. Altering your coiffure may also help in regrowth of hair.


Carrying a good headgear every day.

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